Unofficial Firefall Key Roller

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Keys sent so far: 280

First thing to note: This is UNOFFICIAL. I am not affiliated with Firefall or Red5 in any way shape or form. I made this app purely for fun, and to help people get keys after I realized dropping them in chats during livestreams was... less than optimal.

The premise of this site is simple. People want Firefall keys. Other people have Firefall keys. These people may not know each other. I figured there needed to be an easy way for people to share their keys if they did not want them. This little app is simple. You either have a key or want a key. If you would like to donate a key, just press donate up above and put in your key. It gets added to the list of keys. If you want a key, click 'Get a Key' above. You will be prompted only for an email address. Your email address will then be added to a list. Every so often, the system will grab a key that has been donated, and send it to an email that has requested a key. Both will then be taken off the table.

Something else to note, this page may periodically go down. I'm hosting this app on Google App Engine, using the free tier. This provides some limitations. Unfortunately, it's just the name of the game as I'm pretty broke. If it goes down, the quotas reset every day at 12AM PST, I believe.

I have invites, how do I get a key to share/How do I see if I have invites

If you visit and sign in, you should see if you have invites. To get a key, all you have to do is go to the 'send key' form. When it asks for an email, leave both boxes blank and continue. This will then send you back to the main invite page, where a key will be listed. You can just copy and paste that and share it with anyone, or donate it to this app to help a lucky stranger out.

I put a key in a week+ ago and it is still unredeemed, what gives?

If it has gone unredeemed for over a week, and the key count at the top of this page isn't updating by ~100 every single day since then (hint: it isn't), it is safe to assume that whoever was sent that key missed it or no longer wants it and just left it to rot. I would say it is acceptable to put it back in the queue.

What are you doing with my email/why don't you have a login system/etc

The email is only so the system has a way to send you a key. This was much easier than trying to whip up a login and authentication system, as well as much safer for you as there is no breach of security possible on your end. I will not use the email for any other purpose, and I won't give or sell your email to anyone, ever.

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to post in this thread on the official Firefall forums.